Vehemence: About

Creating music that is equal parts thrash and melody, death metal band Vehemence has managed to separate themselves from many of their peers on the black metal scene. The band was founded in 1995 by vocalist Nathan Gearhart and guitarist Scott Wiegand while the two were in high school. Inspired by bands like Pyrogenesis and Cathedral, the two began writing songs together eventually meeting group member Bjorn Dannov in their senior year. What was a high school hobby would become a full-fledged musical career as Vehemence would go on to release an 8 song 60 min CD entitled The Thoughts From Which I Hide. The band at the time consisted of Bjorn Dannov (guitar), Andy Schroeder (drums), Mark Kozuback (bass), Nathan Gearhart and Scott Wiegand. Wiegand would leave the group and be replaced by John Chavez in 2000. In 2001 they landed a deal with Metal Blade records and released God Was Created in 2002 and Helping The World To See in 2004.