19 May 2017

justin bieber look-a-like dupes sandton city beliebers

Bieber fever is real. Ask the Sandton City victims of Aiden Atcheson’s prank. Armed with a camera crew, actors playing his security guards, fake replica tattoos and classic Justin Bieber attire, the YouTuber brought the shopping mall to a standstill.

"For a year now people have been telling me I look like him. So I thought I should pull something like this off and I decided to do it a day before his concert," he told TMG. Sandton City definitely thought he looked the part as a frantic mob gathered around him shouting “Justin, Justin!” and taking pictures relentlessly.

Atcheson went on to say that he’s a big fan of Justin’s and hopes the video caught his attention. For Bieber’s part, he tweeted his love for South Africa.
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