11 August 2017

basetsana kumalo threw her kids an amazing birthday party

When we were younger, birthday parties were some of the most exciting events on our annual calendars. Having all of your friends come over to your house, with a few treats and some entertainment was the equivalent of going to the Durban July.
Basetsana Kumalo has made sure that her children grow up with fond memories of their birthday celebrations after throwing the most hectic children's party we've ever seen. Seriously, from top to bottom this party was an EVENT.
She rented one of those horse-riding carousels, a giant jumping castle, and all the sweets a child needs for a combined birthday party for her three children.
Here were the best pictures:

So oftentimes, as a happy working Mom, I have been asked how I juggle family life and work life.....here is my simple truth, I don't have a private and public life....I only live one life...I raise my tribe, I work hard, I cook, I am at a school play, I'm on stage delivering a keynote address, I party with my friends, I'm fully present with my husband, I jump on the trampoline with my tribe, I walk our Chows, I dance, I sing, I pray, I cry, I laugh and I love. That's who I am. There are no different and divergent parts of my journey, my life, my existence, and who I am! I only have and live but one life!!! Equally So, I have found ways to simplify my life...of-course my #tribe is born at different times in the year, so I have made a decision that they will all have their birthday parties on one day. It was so funny, one of the parents graciously asked if they had AGREED! I said WHAT....they have NO choice in the matter unless they lived in their own homes! The parents who were listening just clapped their hands. Until our kids are old enough to make their own decisions and still live under our roof....its "our way or the highway"....So #FatherOfTheTribe and I decided to throw 4 birthday parties in one day and Abigail Masemola of @the_angelic_events created magic for our babies. It was beyond fantabulous! I love supporting young black women entrepreneurs who have a vision, passion and direction for their craft, talents and gifts. #TheAngelicEvents #Eventcordinator #PartyPlanner #KamoTurns15 #NathiTurns12 #KgosiTurns5 #BontleTurns3

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We have always said we have a #Tribe, so our daughter Kamogelo wanted a High Tea under the gazebo, polka dots and all and that's what she got thanks to @the_angelic_events who took her brief to the Tee. 💟💞💝💖💞💗💜🌷🌷🎂🍰🎈🎀🎁🎊 #KamoTurns15 #TheAngelicEvents

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Abigail @the_angelic_events coordinator didn't forget to create a beautiful table for the BIG children (US) 🤣😂to oversee the little people while they were playing and we caught up on all manner of conversation. Loved the happy and yellow sunflower 🌻 inspiration for our table. Love your work darling and thank you ever so much for making our babies birthday celebrations so very special. God bless, Upwards and Onwards to you baby girl. You do create magic and are very talented!!💝

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What a beautiful gesture for her special little ones!