21 April 2017

buhle from the soil does not consider herself to be a celebrity

When you're part of one of the biggest bands in the country, you can definitely forgive people for assuming that you are a celebrity. The Soil are one of the most recognisable acts in South Africa but their singer, Buhle, doesn't want anybody to get it twisted. She doesn't see herself as anything other than a regular person with a gift from God.
Some people would let the fame get to their heads but Buhle has kept her feet firmly planted on the ground.
Speaking on Metro FM she explains why she takes this approach:
"The minute that [being a celebrity] gets to your head, you forget ubuntu bakho, you forget where you come from and what made you,"
She carried on by explaining that this whole "fame" thing just isn't for her.
"I don't even regard myself as famous, you know. I don't like that because sometimes people tend to dictate your life. You're no longer, you don't belong to yourself anymore but you belong to people, I don't like that. Give me my space, I'm also a human being..."
Would you consider yourself to be a celebrity if you were in Buhle's shoes?
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