17 March 2017

calls for mmusi maimane to fire helen zille after “colonialism” tweet

Have you ever watched somebody literally press the “self-destruct” button on their career and reputation? Here’s what it looks like:
At this point you’re probably thinking “Mmusi, Phumzile, please for the love of all things political, ask her to stop”
“Please Mmusi take her phone away from her don’t let her cont… Oh she’s tweeted again”
“Okay Mmusi, can you at least get her to issue a sincere apology and make her realise where she was wrong?
At this point the damage had well and truly been done and her apology was like trying to fix a leaky roof with sellotape.

There were calls from all quarters for the party to drop Helen Zille as their premiere but there’s very little chance of this happening according to “experts”.
Do you think this will be the last time Helen Zille makes such a mistake on a public platform?
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