Daft Punk, Deadmau5 & Skrillex To Tour SA?

18 February 2014
A story run by DJCentral (a global dance, club and house music TV show) claims that EDM powerhouses Daft Punk, Deadmau5 and Skrillex may be coming together for a massive World Tour this year and South Africa will be on their radar! The Extraterrestrial World Tour is claimed to have been confirmed by several sources as well as tweets from the Djs themselves and is set to kick off in summer 2014 and find it's way to our shores around August this year.
However a production team has not even been announced for the gig and no explicit confirmation has been made by any of the rumored DJ's or their representatives. Furthermore the tweets claimed to allude to a collaboration are several months old going back to September 2013 and so this is pure speculation at the moment. Nonetheless, we're holding thumbs!

UPDATE: Deadmau5 has just officially denied the rumors on Twitter but confirms he has his own plans for an SA tour. Here are the tweets!
You can check out the original article HERE and see for yourself the tweets claimed to allude to a collaboration. 

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