Depression and Rock Bottom: why Keri Hilson took a 6 year break

13 March 2018
When you name some of your favourite singers and musicians from the late 00s (but before 2010,) it's likely that Keri Hilson will be among them. The singer had has jamming to hits like "Knock You Down" and "Pretty Girl Swag" and then… she disappeared.
For years, people wondered "When is Keri going to drop again?", and it seemed like she was setting up a comeback year after year but it sadly never materialised.
Fast forward to 2010 and Keri has finally explained what inspired the hiatus:
"I think I had to give up music for a while. I stepped away. I thought it would just be a year. It's been six, maybe. I realize now that I'm grateful for all of those years. I have built myself back up."
Thankfully, she's working on new material and it seems like 2018 might be the year we hear her first album since 2010's "In a Perfect World". She talks up the new project:
"Love is the one thing that requires sacrifice. There are so many similarities between religion and love," Hilson told The Real. "If we believe this will work, then we will do what it takes, and we will be obedient. We will do what it takes to make it work. It's religious. It's like … you gotta be that committed to making love work."
Watch her full interview below:

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