Did Bonang have to remove Euphonik’s name from her book?

12 September 2017
She did not. At least that's the story she's going with.
Earlier this week it was reported that Euphonik had succesfully interdicted to keep his name out of Bonang's emotional memoir, "From A to B".

However, according to Bonang and her team, there is nothing to remove because his name was not mentioned in the first place.
Her brand manager, Sylvester Chauke confirmed that there was no mention of Euphonik anywhere in "From A to B"
"If you've read the book, you will agree that the name Euphonik is not mentioned anywhere in Bonang's book. So we can't comment on his name being removed because it was never there. Anything else is alleged and I can't comment on alleged things,"
There is also speculation that the entire chapter that mentions Euphonik might be left out of the book altogether.

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