17 July 2017

divorce and celebrity gf, inspires reason's new album

If there is one person who has had a controversial love life over the past few weeks, it's rapper, Reason. The wordsmith has had to deal with divorcing his longtime wife, trying to move on with a new girlfriend, and the public pressure that came with that entire situation.

In fact, things got so tense that Reason had to come out and reveal that Loot Love was never, in fact, a side chick (nor was she the reason he divorced his wife).

These things all sound difficult to go through, but the HD rapper is going to be channelling all of these difficulties into something positive. He's just dropped his latest studio album, ""ove Girls"the wordsmith has confirmed that his dramatic love life has inspired a large part of the music on the new record.

"My personal life is the reason why I made this album and a lot of the stuff that was going on around that time is in the album,"He was also asked if he would be referencing the side-chick rumours: We chose to make it [the album] bigger than just the story, we reference my story"Forget "Lemonade" or "4:44", All the juice is on Reasons's "Love Girls!"