dj sbu talks his book billionaires under construction

17 July 2017
DJ Sbu may not be a billionaire but he feels as though he's got the blueprint for how to get there. As it would turn out, thousands of people agree with him. The publishers of his book, Billionaires Under Construction, have announced that the book has sold 10 000 copies and is being readied for a third reprint.
In an interview with City Press, he spoke on the motive behind the book. "If you go to the West, it's developed; people there are smart. But that means that there's still room for improvement and creativity here at home." 
Part of his roadmap to the liberation of Africa is buying local. "Wherever I go, I tell people the importance of buying black, and that black people are consumers," he says. "You open your cupboard and there are Unilever and Coca-Cola brands. Where are the products made by black people; the black-owned products? It's time to create as well as consume our own."
DJ Sbu has his own cold beverage brand, MoFaya. And he's getting closer to moving in the bigger fish in the pond. "We've just signed a deal with Pick n Pay, which is huge. Now we're trying to get other retailers interested in us," he says.
MoFaya currently sells 1 million cans a month but DJ Sbu's target is a million cases a month. He calls it the "billionaire mindset."
In his own words, in Billionaires Under Construction, "All the dirt and mistakes are revealed without fear. It makes the book relatable as these things happened in the public eye." The book is on sale now.

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