17 March 2017

former power rangers actor admits to killing roommate with sword

You get Hollywood drama, then you get real life drama from Hollywood. This most recent story is definitely the latter. Former Power Ranges Actor, Ricardo Medina is all over the news after pleading guilty to killing his own roommate with a sword.
He pled guilty to murder and faces 6 years in prison after an argument ended with him stabbing his friend. Apparently the argument was over the actor's girlfriend.

The actor is changing his story and admitting to the truth. This comes several weeks after declaring that he was not guilty and had only stabbed his roommate in self-defense.
The most ironic part of this entire story is that his 2011 character on the Power Rangers was Deker, a villainous swordsman.

Let’s hope that Ricardo gets the punishment he deserves for voluntary manslaughter.
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