This former Pussycat Dolls member says the group was a prostitution ring

16 October 2017
Y'all remember the Pussycat Dolls right?


If you grew up listening to music in the mid-00's you'll be very familiar with the group that gave us amazing hits such as "Dontcha" and music videos that were too risque to watch in front of our parents.
The group didn't last longer than a few years, with the members going their separate ways in 2010 after close to 4 years in mainstream music. Since then, we've heard story after story about why they split and the things that went on behind the scenes, however, one thing we didn't expect to hear is this:

Former singer, Kaya Jones took to Twitter to expose some of the horrors that they experienced as members of this group:





At a time when Hollywood's ugly secrets are being exposed now more than ever, it's great to see someone speaking out and shedding awareness on the matter.

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