Here's why you'll never read dodgy reports about Thembi Seete

11 October 2017
It's impossible to deny that some of our favourite celebrities oftentimes find themselves in the tabloids for all of the wrong reasons. Love triangles, stories about money troubles, fights with family, to the point where it's dirty laundry, dishes, carpets and the whole damn house in the tabloids.
However, one person who is never among these controversial figures, is local musician, Thembi Seete.


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The former Boom Shaka superstar and TV actress has what many people describe as a "squeaky clean" image. You never see her making the papers for all the wrong reasons, but much of this is down to deliberate action, rather than coincidence.
Speaking to DJ Sbu on Massiv Metro, Thembi talked about how she manages to stay out of the papers for the wrong reasons:
"I'm not perfect and I make a lot of mistakes. And probably I step on other people's toes without even realising that I am doing it. But you know what, the noise has to be about my work and nothing else,"
So how does one achieve this? According to Thembi, it's all about keeping your personal life exactly that - personal.
"Personal life will always come with trouble. Because once you give people your personal life, you share too much. Then you have given them the freedom and the right to do and to say as they please,"

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