How Somizi reacted after being told “You need to accept Jesus”

13 March 2018
If you've been using social media for a few years you will know that one person you simply cannot try is Somizi. Not only does he have a locker full of comebacks, but he has the ability to make you feel very small, very quickly.
One Twitter user who got on Somgaga's bad side chose the wrong week to try and preach from The Bible. And look, we're not bashing The Good Book, after all, Somizi himself is a devout Christian. But you need to pick your words carefully when you preach, especially to him..
Speaking of Christians; this was all sparked by a picture that was taken outside of a Christian Louboutin store in Paris (You know, those red bottoms Cardi B raps about?) Commenting on one of Somizi's extrvagant pictures on Instagram, one of the presenter's followers wrote [Quotes transcribed by Tshisa Live]:
"When you die you leave all that behind Somizi. Make sure you accept Jesus first,"
Somizi is not one to take such lying down and he hit back:
"Wena, when you die make sure you leave the thought that you can tell people who to accept. Just accept that some of us don't give a shit what you think should be acceptable."
The user in question went on to have numerous fights with Somizi's followers and but it seemed the damage had been done. Next time please ask before committing social media harm!

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