20 March 2017

metro police: joe mafela could have been killed by medical condition

On Sunday, the nation woke up to the tragic news of the death of legendary actor, comedian and musician, Joe Mafela. He was found dead following a car accident. Johannesburg Metro Police believe that his death was not caused by the accident but rather by a pre-existing medical condition.
"The injuries were not visible” JMPD spokeswoman Edna Mamonyane said referring to the accident which took place at approximately 9.45pm on Saturday on the M1 highway. “It looks like it could have been a medical condition."
Mafela’s Ford Figo reportedly collided into the back of a bakkie on his left hand leading the driver to lose control and run into a barricade. "When paramedics arrived on the scene, Mr Mafela had passed on," Mamonyane confirmed.

An investigation and post-mortem is currently underway.
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