17 March 2017

mogul talk: black coffee and diddy’s big chat

Remember a few months ago, South African DJ, Black Coffee was pictured alongside international music mogul, Black Coffee? Back then we weren’t so sure what the two were discussing but Times Live has done the damn thing and figured it out all for us.
Although Diddy was getting his hair and beard trimmed throughout the entire encounter it was great to see that they were bonding over what looked like serious business. According to Times Live they were discussing how Black Coffee could possibly contribute to Diddy’s album.

Diddy will be releasing his last ever hip hop album and according to reports he wants Black Coffee to produce at least one track on that record.
"No, I even assumed he wanted me for a dance album, but that’s not the case. He’s working on his last hip-hop album. I finally sat down with him and he was explaining to me the vision, like the sound he was trying to get. So I’m not contributing on house music, I’m contributing on hip-hop music”.
What do you think Black Coffee’s hip hop will sound like?
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