new mtv series spring break with grandad is set to premiere in sa/roa on wednesday 22 feb at 21:15

11 January 2017
Sun, sand, scorching hot bodies…and senior citizens? MTV is proving age ain’t nothing but a number when it comes to being the life of the party, with its brand new show Spring Break with Grandad. Today, MTV reveals the six pairs of sexy singles and grandparents who will be bringing all the shenanigans to Cancun this Spring Break, to claim the wild child (at-heart) throne.
The show, which will begin airing on MTV (DStv channel 130) on Wednesday 22 February at 21:15 CAT, sees the unlikely group head to Cancun to prove that they are the biggest party animals on the planet.

To survive, the Spring Breakers must follow one rule – party hard or go home – and judging them is the ultimate party boy: Geordie Shore’s Gary Beadle.
Can our Spring Breakers really party hard with “Gogo” watching their every move, or will Spring Break shock everyone as the grandparents themselves turn from mild to wild?
ashleigh & mary
19-year-old Ashleigh from Connecticut (US) is a competitive beauty queen, mother and not a girl to mess with. She thinks a lot of girls have a problem with her and claims it’s because “most of the time, they’re just jealous’. Ashleigh has been single for a year now and is ready to make up for lost time, which she does very quickly.

Her grandmother, Mary, who is always ready to make inappropriate conversation, will join her. Mary is more than inquisitive about Ashleigh’s extracurricular activities.
james & andy
James from Somerset (England) likes to pump iron by day and pump…other things…by night. But will the self-proclaimed ‘top shagger’ succeed with the ladies or not? He initially seems to have eyes for Victoria after giving her (and her grandma) a flirtatious massage. Having already been through two engagements, it seems that James isn’t a man who believes loyalty matters.

He will bring Andy, who claims that he is ‘Never down, always up – in more ways than one’. Oh, and by the way – this grandad is a former stripper.
aaron & christine
25-year-old Manchester (England) ladies’ man Aaron is always up for tons of fun and flings. He says he has lost count of how many girls he has bedded, but claims ‘it must be between 350-450 girls.’ Another spring breaker may see this side of him quite early on, as he manages to spend the first night with her…but isn’t so keen to stick around in the morning.

He will be joined by his party grandma, Christine, who has been known to imitate Biggie Smalls on a night out.
victoria & joice
20-year-old Essex (England) chatterbox Victoria has recently been left by her boyfriend who decided he wanted to work in the party-central Cyprus, making Victoria feel as though Spring Break will be the perfect revenge and escape from the break-up blues. This is something she exploits clearly in the first episode as she makes Gaz proud of her professional partying skills and stamina.

Victoria is joined by her outspoken grandma, Joyce. Victoria claims that Joyce is ‘cool, outspoken and outgoing’, while Joyce sees herself as old fashioned in many ways. 
paige & bob
A 23-year-old VIP club hostess from Norwich (England), Paige is ready to have all eyes on her. She loves the fact that wherever she goes, people stare. She claims to be a ‘female player’ that would give any of our boys a run for their money. Her grandad Bob knows she loves the spotlight, claiming, ‘the more attention she gets, the better.’ This is clearly seen in the first episode, as she is more than happy flaunting her dance moves onstage at the club.

Accompanying Paige on Spring Break with Grandad is laid-back, 69-year-old Bob. He says that Paige has a tendency to go for ‘wronguns’ and will definitely ward them off. He’ll be the opposite of a wingman (!)…but a good time nonetheless.
brandon & beverley
24-year-old Brandon, the confidence king from Massachusetts (US), has no shame in confessing he likes to play the field. After his ex cheated on him, Brandon decided to transform himself into the one that does the heart-breaking. Despite his reputation, is he really ready for the Spring Break nightlife?

Brandon is joined by Beverley – his Queen Bee grandma. Beverley is ready to relive her youth and party in Cancun. Watch out, boys!
Hold tight, as there will be misbehaviour, blazing sun and of course, tons of drama. Just remember - what happens on Spring Break stays at Spring Break (except when it's on MTV of course)!

Catch Spring Break with Grandad every Wednesday from 22 February at 21:15 CAT, (encore performances: Friday 21:15 CAT) only on MTV.

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