21 April 2017

pearl modiadie shares advice to those feeling unwanted

Imagine waking up everyday and feeling like nobody loves you. It's A horrible way to have to live life and if it goes on for long enough, it can impact your sense of self-worth and the way that you allow people to treat you. One person who fully relates to this is Zaziwa presenter, Pearl Modiadie.
The TV and radio personality has come out and offered advice to anybody who is feeling "unwanted" in their lives and even if you can't entirely relate, there's no doubt that this is some sweet advice.
Long story short: don't stick around for it. Speaking to Bona Magazine she revealed that she gets this attitude from her mother:
"My mom used to say, 'bekezela (hold on) for what?' She didn't take any nonsense, and felt that nobody should stand for it either,"
She continued:
"You teach people how to treat you, and if they don't treat you that way, you let them go. Whether it's toxic relationships, friendships or jobs, you shouldn't stay where you feel unwanted. This is one lesson I will pass on to my children,"
It's never, ever too late to start making yourself a priority and once you do, the world will open up with opportunities for you.
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