Refilwe Modiselle speaks on albinism and modelling

16 October 2017
Refilwe Modiselle is one third of the sisterly trio that is taking over local entertainment. She's also one of the celebrities who have helped change the perception around albinism in South Africa.
Over the years, we've seen numerous albino-black entertainers making it big in the entertainment and fashion industries. However, Refilwe, who broke out in the industry as a model, wants everybody to know that albino-black people don't need to be models in order for their beauty to be recognised.
Taking to Instagram she wrote an impassioned statement that looked to correct people's views on albinism and image:

#TruthBeTold #EnoughSaid 💣 In light of my observation there seems to be a growing trend of people being fascinated by those they see with albinism as "models" & I understand that because of a lack of representation in such spheres, it becomes news, & as beautiful a notion as this is, people seem to get really extra. Why is it that beauty cannot be appreciated without someone getting over excited because it's a person with albinism instead of just appreciating the beauty for who it is & not what it is? It's also creating the wrong idea for those with albinism, that to be acknowledged as handsome/ beautiful you have to become a model..... no no & no. Listen vanilla soul, my becoming a model was not the benchmark to say that's all you have to aspire to do in life & that's the pinnacle of making it in life . God just happened to use me as a vessel for that particular career path to help change conventions of how we've been labelled in the context of beauty & also show you that actually it's not about just being a model..... there's far more I've gone on to do with my life that you may not hear of (Modelling was just what God chose for me as a stepping stone to be an unconventional teacher in my now many disciplines)! It's about identifying where God wants to use you. It's about learning to find your purpose & knowing that you can do anything, just about anything in ANY career path because you have what it takes & you work hard to earn those stripes. The bigger picture is not your form, but what it is you are assigned to do. Think about it! #FoodForThought

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What do you think of this food for thought that Refilwe served?

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