Samthing Soweto: “I regret leaving The Soil but I'm happy they're doing well”

16 October 2017
Samthing Soweto has shot to prominence thanks to his hit single, Akanamali but even with all the success that has come from that, he admits regretting his decision to leave The Soil.
The vocalist, whose real name is Samkelo Mdolomba says he left the group over a contractual dispute, per Drum.
"I was young, I didn't know better," he told the magazine in an interview. "I wanted to do everything at the same time and I admit I was wrong. I regret leaving The Soil but I'm happy they're doing well."
The Soil formed after Samthing and Soil bandmates completed their schooling. Things between him and the other bandmates collapsed after they were offered a recording deal.
On whether he will ever work with his former bandmates again, Samthing is open to it sometime in the future. His solo career takes precedence at this time. "Some people still recognise me from The Soil because they know my voice, but I'm ready to take my shine," he said.
A duet album wouldn't be a bad idea. Let's hope they all figure things out.

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