19 May 2017

listen to selena gomez ’bad liar' featuring a psycho killer sample

Selena Gomez’s latest single is here in the form of Bad Liar. The song is a throwback to 1977 in that it samples the Talking Heads’ song Psycho Killer.

"I was walking down the street the other day trying to distract myself/ But then I see your face – oh wait, that's someone else," Gomez coos as she tries to capture the early feelings at the start of a relationship. Gomez scores writing credit for Bad Liar with some help from Julia Michaels, their latest songwriting collaboration since Hands to Myself and Good for You. The song has the support of Talking Heads as band member David Byrne reportedly gave it his blessing. "So great to hear the legacy of our song, 'Psycho Killer,' and Tina’s legendary style of bass playing, quoted so prominently. Was a big surprise and a delight to learn that a new generation is getting introduced to both," Talking Heads drummer Chris Frantz told Variety. Listen to the track below.
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