17 July 2017

skhumba leads nominees at comics’ choice awards

About 7 000 people went nuts at Disney's D23 fan club when they got to witness first-hand they very first preview clip of The Lion King live-action remake.
The screening was a private event which wasn't streamed simultaneously online. It featured surreal images of African landscapes and all the animals from original film. Of course, it ended with Rafiki's iconic moment when he introduces Simba on Pride Rock to the soundtrack of Circle of Life.
"We love this movie, and we are working hard," director Jon Favreau, told the Hollywood Reporter. He's working on wrapping The Lion King for its 19 July 2019 release date with Oscar-winning VFX supervisor Rob Legato and lead VFX house MPC; the same team he worked with on Jungle Book.
They're stepping up their game with The Lion King though by using VR technology. "We are going to use a lot of virtual-reality tools so it feels akin to what you are looking at [if you were on a real set]," Legato reportedly explained. "You can walk around the set like a cameraman. [Wearing VR headsets,] the actors can now walk into a scene and see the other actors and trees … and because you are in 3D, you get a realistic sense [of the environment]."
The cast for Favreau's Lion King couldn't be better. Donald Glover will take on the the all-important role of Simba, James Earl Jones will play his dad, Mufasa, Seth Rogan will bring Pumbaa to life along with Billy Eichner as Timon, and John Oliver will narrate the story as Zazu.