Somizi Mhlongo just added another property to his growing list of assets

5 February 2018
It's almost as though when you reach Somizi status, there are few things that you crave or aspire to. Surely you've got it all, no? Apparently not.
Somizi has been hanging out in Durban of late in order to play host at the CCI Awards. He was treated a personal chauffeur with his name printed on the car, hair, nails and makeup by Diva Kadash and even what looks like an unlimited supply of champagne. So what could top all of that? A beach house.


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If a recent Instagram update is anything to go by, SomGaga found himself a double-storey hideaway tucked in the greenery of KZN. The specific location? "Kwami," which is Zulu for "my place." The picture was shy of any sort of caption but you could almost read into it I've always wanted a beach house.

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If we're going to get the land back, it looks like Somizi is the one we need to appoint to lead us.

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