somizi’s “best selling autobiography” claim is broken down

12 September 2017
South African presenter and now author, Somizi, claims that his autobiography, "Dominoes: Unbreakable Spirit" is the best selling book of its kind in South African history. While the book has moved an impressive number of copies, this claim is unfortunately untrue.
"So we have just been told that my book is the highest-selling autobiography in the country ever at Exclusive Books. I wanna break the African record which was set by Harry Potter. Am I being too ambitious? No. I don't think so, because I have God and you,"

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Representatives from Exclusive Books, however, have clarified that this isn't entirely true. Speaking to Tshisa Live, EB's general manager Ben Williams revealed that this claim was untrue.
"We never discuss sales with the media or even the authors so we did not notify him that his book was the highest-selling autobiography. His book did extremely well but the highest-selling autobiography was Nelson Mandela's Long Walk to Freedom and it (Somizi's book) was below the numbers needed to break that record,"
So unless Somizi is getting his figures from somebody else, this is unfortunately untrue.

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