what’s the deal with pokemon go?

12 July 2016
We just never know how long it will take for a new crazy to take the internet by storm. Sometimes it takes a while to reach the masses (Like Psy). Other times, however, it explodes into life spectacularly and goes viral almost overnight (remember “Damn Daniel?”)
The latest internet craze is Pokemon Go. If you’ve been on social media in the last week you will have seen people going crazy over the new mobile based game. Like, really crazy.
what is pokemon go?
The simple answer: It’s the newest Pokemon game which you can download for iOS and Android Devices.

The complicated answer: It is an augmented reality app. This means that it's the type of app that can scan your real world environment, and include your real-life elements as part of the game that is taking place on your screen.
so it’s pokemon in real life?
It’s the closest we’ve ever come to playing Pokemon in real life (If you weren’t crazy about the show/cards/tazos when you were younger, you probably won’t be interested in the game.

But for the rest of us recovering Pokemon addicts; you’re able to catch Pokemon in real life environments using your phone (e.g. you could find a Pokemon in your living room and catch it)
why is it so popular?
Pokemon games have always been popular, but none have ever pulled numbers as ridiculous as this. Apparently the Pokemon Go app is now bigger than Tinder and is about to be downloaded more times than Twitter.

But why is it so popular? Maybe it’s the ability to interact with other Pokemon lovers (You can meet up with friends and battle them) or maybe it’s the fact it’s free, easy to download and easy to play.

It definitely isn’t because a lot of grown-ass adults haven’t grown out of their Pokemon fantasies from yesteryear. (I captured a Bulbasaur while typing this. Come @ me).
is the hype going to last?
Like anything, the hype will eventually die down and people will resume their normal lives. All things considered, however it’s a lot of fun and a great way to use mobile devices for actual human interaction.

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