10 August 2017

will smith is the first guest on new carpool caraoke

Will Smith is the first guest on new Carpool Karaoke Will Smith is one of the coolest celebrities in Hollywood, so it only makes sense that he would be a perfect fit as the first guest on the revamped Carpool Karaoke. If you missed the news, as of this past Tuesday, Carpool Karaoke will now be available to Apple Music users and we’ll see a lot more celebrities than ever before. The likes of Shakira, Trevor Noah and Metallica are all lined up for the new series: Will Smith’s debut on the show marks the beginning of a new era and they had to do it in massive style: This 30-second teaser gives you a glimpse at some of the excitement on display during the episode. If you’re an Apple Music subscriber, head over to the “Videos” section and check it all out!