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Catfish: The TV Show (Season 2) | Ep. 1 | The Other Side

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Nev Schulman and Max Joseph are back touring the US in a cross-country mission to unite young couples taking their online romantic relationships into the offline world.

In each episode, with the guidance and help of the star of the Catfish movie, Nev Schulman, and his filmmaking pal, Max Joseph, a hopeful romantic partner will go on an emotional journey to discover the truth about their significant other. Has that object of affection been telling the truth? Will true love truly blossom? When that fateful knock on the front door finally comes - only one thing is certain - that these incredible voyages will be filled with mystery, uncertainty, forgiveness, joy, and sometimes, even shocking revelations.

Which relationships will stand the test when the couples meet in person for the first time?

cat•fish [kat-fish], verb

To pretend to be someone you're not online by posting false information, such as someone else's pictures, on social media sites usually with the intention of getting someone to fall in love with you.