Max: About

I am a filmmaker who grew up New York, lives in Los Angeles, and shoots all over the world. I am also the 'other guy' from the Nike: Make It Count video as well as the 'other guy' from MTV's "Catfish: The TV Show."I have been lucky enough to have my films screen at many of my-dream-come-true festivals like Sundance, Telluride, and SXSW. I have directed (and edited) award-winning commercials for big brands like Nike, Pepsi, Starbucks, TOMS and Toyota Prius. I formerly served as Creative Director of Video at GOOD Magazine where I wrote and directed over 60 short films. My work has screened at Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA), Brooklyn Academy of Music (BAM), the Gagosian Gallery in New York and has been featured many times on the front pages of YouTube, FunnyOrDie, and DailyMotion accumulating over 30 million views so far.Starting November 12th 2012, I will be co-starring in the new MTV series "Catfish: The TV Show" (based on the documentary, "Catfish"). ​Like me on Facebook at @maxjoseph on instagram and twitter.